Trial One

This trial was conducted to assess the effectiveness of TGAHCt at reducing intoxication,

Sobering Up After Intoxication

Trial Two

This trial was conducted to assess the effectiveness of TGAHCt at preventing intoxication.

Preventing Intoxication

Trial Three

This trial was conducted to assess the effectiveness of TGAHCt at preventing hangovers.

Preventing Hangovers

Several Fans Volunteered to “Go Beyond The Call of Duty” to Test the Efficacy of The Great Aussie Hangover Cure!

The trials performed below are informal. They involved volunteers consuming different doses of TGAHC for the purposes of anti-intoxication, sobering up after alcohol consumption, and hangover prevention.


The Great Aussie Hangover Cure was administered orally to three different people.  Alcohol was consumed in the form of Vodka in the form of Cosmopolitans. For the purposes of all three trials, one unit of alcohol consisted of 1.5oz of 35% alcohol measured into a shot glass.

All subjects were asked to record their observations and experiences on paper. The subjects were asked to record time after ingestion of alcohol and anything else they deemed to be relevant. All subjects consumed alcohol within their own houses.  Subjects actual notes are marked within quotations.


Three trials were conducted to assess the effectiveness of The Great Aussie Hangover Cure at reducing intoxication, preventing intoxication, and preventing hangovers. The following is a log of the experiences of the participants in the study.

Trial 1 – Sobering Up After Intoxication

Date: 09/12/2015

Dose of alcohol: 8 units beginning at 6PM and ending at 8PM. Last unit of alcohol consumed at 8PM.

Weight of Subject: 183 lbs

Dose of The Great Aussie Hangover Cure: 3 Capsules (Taken all at once)


  • 8:05 PM – Subject reporting feeling extremely intoxicated. Motor movement is impaired and thoughts are very erratic. Handwriting is noticeably sloppy.
  • 8:07PM – Subject consumed three capsules of TGAHC orally.
  • 8:10 PM – Subject reports still feeling increased levels of intoxication. Last unit of alcohol was consumed less than 10minutes ago and we would expect to see levels of intoxication continue to rise.
  • 8:37 PM – Subject reports he is no longer feeling more intoxicated. Furthermore, he believes intoxication levels are already beginning to fall. However, at this time he is unsure if this is the placebo effect or a tangible result of the TGAHC.
  • 8:57 PM – Subject notes “Without a doubt I am feeling more sober. I feel more clear-headed and thoughts are less erratic. This time I am sure it is not a result of the placebo effect.” We note the subject’s handwriting was much more legible at this time.
  • 9:07 PM – It has now been exactly one hour since the subject ingested the TGAHC. The subject notes “I have regained a lot of motor control and am still thinking much more clearly. It feels something is holding back the alcohol from affecting me. I know I have drank a lot of alcohol but only feel like I have drank half what I actually did”
  • 9:37 PM – Subject concludes with the following: “I barely feel like I drank at all tonight. It feels like I had maybe 3 or 4 drinks earlier, not 8. This difference is definitely not the placebo effect”.

Trial 2 – Preventing Intoxication

Date: 09/13/2015

Dose of alcohol: 6 units of alcohol taken after and during TGAHC

Weight of Subject: 137 lbs

Dose of TGAHC: Taken at intervals)

  • 6:00 – Subject consumes 2 Capsules of TGAHC orally.
  • 6:25 – Subject notes “I do not feel any effects, positive or negative and am ready to begin alcohol consumption.
  • 6:30 – Subject consumes 1 unit of alcohol.
  • 6:40 – Subject consumes 1 unit of alcohol a notes “I do not feel any effects from my first drink. By now I think would know I have had a drink!”.
  • 6:50 – Subject consumed 1 unity of alcohol. (At this time 3 units of alcohol has been consumed).
  • 7:00 – Subject notes “I barely feel the effects of any alcohol. I do drink a lot, but should definitely be more intoxicated than I am right now. It feels like I have only had one drink right now. I am pretty sure this is from the TGAHC.”
  • 7:30 – Subject notes “If anything I have gotten more sober instead of more drunk. I’m not sure at this point the three drinks have really affected me at all.”
  • 7:35 – Subject consumed an additional 3 Capsules orally.
  • 7:40 – Subject consumes 1 unit of alcohol
  • 7:50 – Subject consumes 1 unit of alcohol. Subject notes not feeling any different than at 7:30.
  • 8:00 – Subject consumes 1 unit of alcohol (At this time the subject has consumed a total of 6 units of alcohol between 6:30 and 8:00PM)
  • 8:05 – Subject notes “I feel a little bit more intoxicated, I consumed 3 drinks pretty quickly and feel a tiny bit tipsy. However, I should feel drunk at this point. Normally after 6 drinks in less than 2 hours I feel moderately drunk.”
  • 8:30 – Subject notes “Besides feeling a little relaxed and tired, it is hard to tell I have had any alcohol. I believe TGAHC was very effective at preventing feelings of intoxication.”

Trial 3 – Preventing Hangovers

Date: 26/09/2015

Dose of alcohol: 9 units of alcohol taken before TGAHC dosage

Weight of Subject: 198 lbs

Dose of DHM: 3 Caspules

  • 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Over this span of time the subject consumed 9 units of alcohol.
  • 11:10 PM – Subject notes “I feel very drunk right now. I always experience a hangover after having this much. I expect to have a moderate headache, be very nauseous, and experience trouble thinking the next morning.”
  • 11:35PM – Subject consumes 3 Capsules of TGAHC and soon goes to sleep.
  • 7:46 AM -Subject wakes up after sleeping for approximately 8 hours. Subjected stated he had awoken one other time approximately two hours earlier but fell back to sleep very quickly. In regards to hangover symptoms the subject noted, “I barely have any hangover symptoms. The first thing I noticed is that thinking is very easy and I feel clear headed. This is probably the biggest difference I notice and I am 100% sure this is not due to the placebo effect.  I usually can’t eat till lunch but was able to eat breakfast without a problem.  I feel a little tired, like I know I have done something to my body, but no aches or pains, Without a doubt the TGAHC helped prevent almost all hangover symptoms.”


All the trials conducted support the conclusion that The Great Aussie Hangover Cure is an effective anti-alcohol agent. It may be effective at reducing feelings of intoxication and preventing hangover symptoms. More controlled, detailed human trials are recommended to determine the exact effectiveness of TGAHC.